EKB Netherlands

EKB Container Logistik, is a pioneer in container logistics. Since the day the first container reached Europe, EKB Container Logistik has been offering international container transports, now over 3 modalities: road, rail and inland waterway and with all related services. In addition, with its own transport company Driel Transport BV, it has special equipment and highly trained personnel for the transport and unloading of 20 and 30 foot tank containers.

About the job

EKB Logistik Nederland BV works with many different charters. These charters consist of transport companies that have 1 or more cars with us, but also with “own drivers”. Under the motto “together we are strong” we have many years of cooperation with many of our charters. Open communication and understanding each other’s situation is very important in this regard.

No one has an advantage and certainly no one is forgotten. Whether we have been working together for years or it is your first week….., we do everything we can to have and keep you satisfied.

Because we have a wide and diverse group of customers, we can also distribute a diverse range of rides. Northern Germany, the Ruhr area and Southern Germany are daily fare for us. But we also visit Switzerland and England very regularly. And then there are the occasional trips to Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and Poland. In all fairness we must say that you cannot choose the work, but you can express your preference and we will look into it.


Do you want to grow together with the strong and stable EKB-Group? Contact us for a personal appointment.
You can reach us via gvandriel@ekb-nl.nl or 0182-354533 . It is also possible to fill in the form below.