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EKB Container Logistik Nederland B.V. strives to contribute to the well-being of our planet. In addition to the green elements in our logo, the trucks of our sister company, Van Driel Transport B.V., are all equipped with the latest and most fuel-efficient Euro VI engines. We are working on providing our Bergambacht location with its own energy through solar panels. Additionally, as a One Way transporter, we focus daily on minimizing the distance traveled without loaded containers to reduce unnecessary kilometers.

Transportation of containers of all sizes using multifunctional container chassis

EKB can be deployed for all types of sea container transport. EKB specializes in One-Way container transport of 10ft – 20ft (HC) – 30ft – 40ft(HC) and 45ft (HC) sea containers. Utilizing so-called break chassis, we provide customers the option to load or unload 2x 20ft containers at 2 different addresses simultaneously. Tank containers are also within our expertise. Some chassis even have the capability to combine swap body containers, offering a solution for containers with non-standard dimensions.

Transportation of hazardous materials in both dry containers and tank containers

In addition to the transportation of hazardous materials (ADR) as so-called general cargo ADR in dry containers, EKB also provides the transport of hazardous materials in tank containers, known as tank ADR. The trucks are fully equipped with the necessary equipment and loading and unloading hoses. Our motivated drivers are fully ADR trained and equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment for this purpose.

Transportation of non-hazardous waste materials

EKB offers its customers the opportunity to transport non-hazardous waste materials in containers, under the coverage of the necessary permits from the surrounding countries. We can confidently say that we can provide a suitable solution for any type of transportation of your sea container.

Unloading tank containers using compressors

In addition to transporting tank containers, whether loaded with ADR or not, EKB has also equipped a portion of its fleet with compressors. This enables us to independently unload a loaded tank container on-site using compressed air. Of course, our drivers are trained for this purpose as well.

Transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo in reefer containers equipped with gensets

A significant number of chassis are equipped with a so-called generator, allowing us the capability to actively supply power to reefers during transit. This enables us to seamlessly transport temperature-sensitive cargo in refrigerated containers at any customer-desired temperature.

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